Productivity on a Holiday

For some people a holiday means absolutely nothing. For others it is a time to spend with family, sometimes the only time with family they get over the course of a year. And there are others for whom, a holiday is a time to mourn.

For me, Holidays are a time to spend with family. We went to my sister’s place to see her new kitten and then we went to my other sister’s place for dinner. After that we enjoyed the local fireworks display.

One thing I didn’t get done was much writing. And that’s okay. Family’s important and while I do see mine a lot, I don’t see them every day.

I didn’t finish the scene that I started on the 3rd until today. As is usually the case, it was not quite what I expected. The next scene I’ve decided to work on is between Todd and his son, Shay, who works with him.

How do you enjoy prefer to spend your holidays?

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