I think the thing I like most about the baby name section of is the ability to pick how many syllables are in a name you are looking for. That’s not something I recall seeing on any other such site.

As with many other sites, there are a lot of articles on picking names from Tips for Naming Twins to Middle Names: 8 Ways to Pick the Perfect One for Your Baby there is a lot to take in.

The second one is especially interesting to me due to a little family history. My maternal grandma was not given a middle name when she was born. Her older siblings all had one, but not her, so when she married my grandpa, she kept her maiden name as a middle name. My mom was one of her three children and while both of my mom’s siblings have middle names given to them by their parents my mom did not.

Grandma thought that my mom could use her maiden name as a middle name when she married, but my mom had different ideas. Imagine my grandparents’ surprise when their daughter graduated high school and her name was announced with a middle name they had never even known she used. She made it official when she married my dad many years later.

In addition to choosing the number of syllables a name has, you can pick origin popularity and even what a name starts or ends with. This gives you a lot of things to work with and makes it easier to find a name when you know almost exactly what you want but not quite. And if you have no idea, it gives you a lot of things to play with to try and come up with something that works.

With only 32,000 names, it’s not the largest list out there, but it’s nothing to ignore either.

I told you my family story about middle names. Do you or someone you know have a story behind a your name that is different than the norm? Or perhaps a name origin that you like to use. How do you think this would be most useful to you?

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