Pampers Name Generator?

As with the Huggies one I did a while back in November, this one was a bit of a surprise. I guess I shouldn’t be surprise that a site dedicated to diapering the bottoms of babies would want to get your attention even before the baby is born with suggestions for names.

It’s not quite the same kind of random name generator as some of the ones before, but it’s definitely worth putting in here. It also needs to be said before I move on that you have to have an account with the site to access most of the names that it generates. From what I can see of the list without signing in, I do believe it is worth the effort of creating an account and I probably will do so at a later date.

With that out of the way, let’s see what there is to this generator. After playing with it a little it’s not exactly a random name generator. Instead, you put in the parameters, such a cute, girl’s name that is 3-4 characters long in it spits out a list of all the names in it’s database that fit that parameter in either alphabetical or popularity order. Initially it only loads ten names and then loads more of the list if you push the button for more.

It does seem to be a rather handy item to use. I think I like other’s better, but I do like the options for picking parameters and it is super easy to use. How would you rate this name generator?

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