Our Baby Namer

By far my favorite baby name website is Our Baby Namer. The name is cute and easy to remember and that’s just the first of its many features.

It has the Social Security Database info from 1880 on as well as making the entire popularity history of a name accessible and easy to locate on one page. You can find information on names that don’t make the top 1,000 or like my own name, don’t make it all the time. Beginnings and endings of names are searchable, so if you want all your female characters in a family to have names ending in -ina, this is easy to find on this database.

Are meanings of names important to you? Our Baby Namer has a search engine for those letting you look for the meaning of a name that best matches what you want. They also have a tool that lets you compare two names for popularity side by side and fun things such as Name Numerology and your name in both hieroglyphics and nautical flags.

If you like celebrity names or names celebrities give to their own kids, there are lists on this site for that, as well. You can search by theme or by letter or by origin if that is what you need to find the perfect name for your characters. It’s a pretty great site and I’ve only scratched the surface of what it is capable of doing. This is my favorite baby name website. What’s yours?

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