Inkwell Ideas’s Map Makers

Inkwell Ideas has some interesting software that I came across for this series. They have several different map making software programs. Each has a different strength and weakness.

Although not everything in here is free, it’s definitely worth looking at. I can’t say for sure how well it works, but based off what I see, it’s a program I could really enjoy working with. Each of the four programs has a free version and at least three of them have a pro version. The fourth may or may not still have a pro version, but as one of the programs replaces the other three, it seems best not to worry about the pro version of that one.

The first program is called Cityographer and as you might expect from the name, it focuses on cities. There is a free version which you can use as much as you want and a pro version with additional features. Based on wording on the site, it does appear that they might be replacing it with another of their software programs.

That second program is called Worldographer. Unlike Cityographer, which focuses only on the city level, Worldographer has a world level, continent level, country level, and city level. There is both a free and a pro version of this program as well which I will be trying out as I have time. One line from the web site which really excited me was talking about child maps, making maps of smaller locations based off the bigger ones. It uses, or at least has the option to use, a hex based map system and in addition to replacing Cityographer, it also is known as Hexographer 2, replacing the original Hexographer.

The free version of the original Hexographer is still available, but not advertised on their site as it has been replaced by Worldographer. It is unclear if there is any way to get the pro version of Hexographer, but there does not seem to be and it seems unlikely that they would keep it there given that they have replaced it with an updated version.

The final program is called Dungeonographer and as with Cityographer and Hexographer, the features can be found in updated form in the Worldographer. Those features include auto generating dungeons mostly for gaming and stories based in game type worlds. As with Cityographer it is currently still possible get bother the free version and the pro version of it.

Based off how Worldographer seems made to replace the other three, it seems best to get it and not worry about the others, but as long as the others are still around, it couldn’t hurt to check them out and play with them. Which of these software programs sounds the most interesting to you?

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