This next map creator I do not know a lot about, but it looks like it has a lot of potential. Unlike the previous two map creators, Inkarnate, works through a subscription model.

The free model is for personal use only and has 100+ assets to use for making your map on a space that is 1024 x 768. It is unclear what the measurement is, but perhaps it is measured in pixels making that a decently sized map to work with. Regardless, it is a nice way to test out the software and find out if it will work for you or if you need to keep looking for something else that will work better for your needs.

The pro plan isn’t too expensive and has both a monthly and a yearly plan, the yearly plan being much better, currently the same as paying for five months on a monthly plan. It states outright that you can use it for commercial use and according to the specs it has around 5 times as many assets in the pro version and the map space is about twice as large meaning you definitely have lots of space. There are some examples on the main page of maps, presumably made with their software. They are quite nice and definitely give a smoother vibe than the other two. If you are looking for a software to make the finished product that you share with your fans, this is probably worth at least looking at. What do you look for in a mapping software, general ability to organize space, smooth finishing touches, or something else entirely?

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