Huggies & Baby Names

This one came as a complete surprise. It’s not your usual resource for baby names and it doesn’t have as many names as websites dedicated to the topic, but Huggies has some pretty interesting lists that you might consider taking a look at.

With lists like: 10 Resources for Finding That Perfect Baby Name & 8 Tips for Choosing a Unique Baby Name (That Worked for Us!) you have more than a few things to consider if you go to this site looking at baby names. There might be something there that you want to use in determining the names of your characters.

Don’t forget 100+ Baby Boy Names for Every Letter of the Alphabet & 100+ Baby Girl Names for Every Letter of the Alphabet and other similar lists which give you a bunch of names for each letter of that alphabet. Although they are much shorter than your normal baby name books or websites, they are a list of names that aren’t always at the forefront and might give you a name you hadn’t thought of before. What do you consider before you choose a name for one of your characters?

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