Dialogue Prompt – Terrified Little Girl Prompt

This dialogue prompt by Rachel C. Marek makes me laugh. I see two possible scenarios here.

The first is that this person knows what they will do if cornered and is making it a signal so it sounds planned rather than panicked. The other is that they know that’s not what they would do, but it is what others might do if they need help making it easy to use as a signal without alerting anyone who might be problematic to the fact that it’s a signal, because there are a lot of things that only work as a signal if no one can see the one making the signal. Otherwise those things look really suspicious.

We have two people for sure in this prompt with an unknown potential other people who might cause the first speaker to need help. It seems likely that the first speaker is a girl or woman, though that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Some guys can have pretty high pitched voices when in distress.

As you can see in the picture, I decided to go with a no extra person scenario as an example. In that scenario, the first speaker is planning an activity that will take them out of view of the second person, such as sledding, and it seems likely that one or both of them are a little unsure about this activity.

The other possibility that came to mind was that the first speaker is going to go talk to someone and the only time they think they will need help is in a situation where a scream is an appropriate response. What kind of situation do you think might lead to a scream being an appropriate response? We aren’t talking about someone screeching at another person or an angry conversation, so all that comes is they try to kidnap you . . . or they dangle a spider in front of your face.

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