Dialogue Prompt – Something Wrong

A new year, a new you. Or so some people say. What if the new you had something wrong with it that hadn’t been an issue before.

What kind of problem do you think could be wrong with everyone? Is everyone actually everyone, or is it everyone in a specific group? What would lead someone to realize something was wrong with them?

Is this a new thought or something they have thought for a while and are only now vocalizing? What is the relationship between the two people talking? Or do they even have one?

How would you respond to being told that what was wrong with you was the same as with everyone else? It could create horror or relief or just plain old confusion.

There is so much that could be done with this prompt, so many stories that can be created from it. It could be a casual conversation between friends that doesn’t really mean something or a serious question between two people about to die that is extremely important to both of them to have those answers. What would you do with this prompt? And what do you think is wrong?

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