Dialogue Prompt – Seduction Level: Cabbage

This was fun to find. Writing prompts by Maris McKay are a bit more on the light side than some of the other prompts I have found out there.

I have no idea what’s going on here or what these people are trying to accomplish or even how serious the situation is, but I do know that one of them has absolutely no faith in his or her ability to seduce someone and the other one is pretty confident that the second person can easily seduce someone. It seems like a pretty close relationship that they have, but I guess that’s up to interpretation with everything else.

I guess the first place to dissect this prompt is with the beginning. They are trying to accomplish something. It’s probably not easy or they wouldn’t need to distract with potential seduction. The opposition is seduceable, so probably not an inanimate object, unless this is a fantasy where that’s a thing. The first person has an easy confidence in the second person and believes that they are easily able to seduce the opposition. Is this because of a quality the second person doesn’t see in themselves or because of the particular interests of whomever they are trying to overcome?

I have to admit, I have no idea what level of seduction a cabbage is supposed to have. I assume low, but some people really love cabbage and things that are made my cabbage, so I bet to someone like that being seductive as a cabbage might be a good thing. Of course, I’m probably over thinking this, but it’s certainly worth considering.

What do you think they are trying to do? When I read the prompt what I think of is someone trying to break into the trophy case at their high school during a reunion. I’m not sure why that comes to mind, but it’s what comes to mind and I bet it would be funny to read.

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