Dialogue Prompt – Rock Monster Ate It

When I see this prompt the first thing I think of is The Neverending Story. I’m not sure why, but the rock eater from the movie stuck in my head. I’ve never read the book, but I do want to someday if I ever get my hands on a copy of it. At one point I tried really hard to find a copy at the library, but they never had it, so I gave up. Maybe I should start looking into it, again.

Now, this is obviously not the same as the rock eater. I liked the rock eater. I guess it’s not impossible that I will like this giant rock monster, too, it would be definitely interesting to know why I should like someone who ate the sword of one of the characters who is chatting with the other in this scene.

Maybe the plot twist is that the rock monster was trying to protect the sword’s owner by eating the sword. The sword could have been cursed or poisoned or otherwise poised to harm to user.

Another interesting possibility is that these are the bad guys. The so called giant rock monster is just a villager trying to defend themselves from some sort of invader. It would certainly be interesting to see a story primarily from the point of view of characters who are so physically unlike humans.

There is also the question of why they had swords in the first place. Was it for self defense? Are they at war? Is it ceremonial? Perhaps they are in some sort of competition.

Other than the giant rock monster part this could be at any point in human history since swords were created right up to modern day and beyond. And just imagine if it was modern day earth with this kind of conversation. What must they be thinking if that is the case? Is this the first time either of them has even heard of such a thing happening? Is there any reason to believe that the second person was hallucinating and just lost the sword while tripping?

It is all such an interesting concept and I leave you with one last set of questions. Can the sword be recovered? And will they try to get it back? If it can be recovered and they won’t try to get it back, why?

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