Dialogue Prompt – One Kept Trying to Kill Me

Why do I look at this prompt and all I can think of is pancakes?

The idea in this prompt by Deep Water Prompts that something you made would try to kill you is a strange one to my mind, at least in reality. If you include in that definition of made that your children are made by you, that could happen, but for the most part, if you made it, actively trying to kill you is not on the agenda.

To be clear, only actively trying to kill you is not on the agenda. We do use hyperbole, so it is entirely possible that this is not meant to be taken literal. Maybe something the speaker made was malfunctioning and kept sparking or trying to close on the speaker’s hand. Potentially neither of these is life taking and presumably neither of these is prompted by malice of forethought of any kind on the part of the creation, but maybe in your story it is.

There are certainly stories out there were the created is actively trying to end the creator. The most common is probably robots and ai. In reality will either of these ever try to kill humanity as seen in many stories. I lean toward no, but many will answer differently.

In perhaps less serious stories there are many normally inanimate objects that gain, or have always had, consciousness. The first to come to mind is a story called The Brave Little Toaster. I don’t know how popular this story was, but I watched it as a child and it stuck with me.

Another, probably less well known is a story from one of my school textbooks about the food in the kitchen being alive. If you think to much on that, it is a terrifying thought, but Miss Lemon didn’t like Miss Sugar, because everyone loved Miss Sugar and no one loved Miss Lemon.

A currently well known example is Toy Story. For some of you that might have been your first thought when the idea of inanimate objects being alive was mentioned. That story is, if not inspired by, then at least preceded by other stories of toys coming to life, stories such as Raggedy Ann and Andy, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Corduroy among many, many others.

These stories are certainly about inanimate objects coming to life, about things someone made becoming real as a certain puppet did in Pinocchio, but none of them are about the creation wishing to destroy or kill the creator. For that we have to look to a different genre, to stories such as Frankenstein. It is not a genre I hang out with, so I am less aware of the stories, so this is the only one where I am pretty sure the created goes after the creator. Other stories of objects coming to life and trying to kill include Chucky, The Terminator, and I, Robot. I don’t know anything of the creators in those stories only something that normally has no life was trying to kill. In two of those cases, robots are involved.

As stated at the beginning, my first thought on reading this was pancakes. This prompt does not have to be all that serious. Can you imagine a pancake coming to life and trying to kill you? What does this prompt bring to mind for you? Is it is a serious, horror leaning story, or is it something where you are just having a little fun with the way you describe things? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a story about pancakes that come to life and try to kill you, but are of no actual threat to anyone.

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