Dialogue Prompt – No Ambulance Please

Deep Water Prompts is another writing prompt creator that I really like the creativity of. The prompts tend to be more on the spooky or the weird side and this prompt definitely counts.

I think if someone thought I needed an ambulance, I’d be ready to concede, but that is clearly not what’s going on here. Clearly this person has had to deal with this a lot, so it makes me wonder, what is wrong and why does it always look like “this” without needing medical care?

My first thought was an old injury, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. Most people can tell the difference between an old injury and a new one. In addition to that, there is a big difference between, “You need to see a doctor,” and “You need an ambulance.” The latter implies a lot more urgency than the prior.

Maybe the thing in question was some sort of growth that looked like it was about to pop or an old injury that somehow never actually looked like it was healed. What do you think it is?

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