Dialogue Prompt – Books Needed

If you are anything like me, you love books. You probably have read a ton of them and maybe have hundreds or even thousands of them either in physical form or electronic. At some point in your life, owning your own library or book story or at least having a room dedicated solely to books has probably at least crossed your mind.

The room in the picture looks like a place I would love to see in person. To me it looks absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t be surprised if you think the same.

Today’s prompt is based off that idea, of an incredible library, thought it doesn’t necessarily have to be all that great. There really isn’t any other conscious influence on it. I like books, so I let two characters talk about them and give you a dialogue prompt.

Have you ever wanted to find a book on a specific subject and find that it’s no longer in print or worse still, no one ever wrote it? It seems a little crazy to think that there might be a subject that no one has ever written a book on, but there are billions on billions of them. At the very least most people that have lived do not have any books written about them and while there are often good reasons for that, if it was someone of interest to you, I bet that book that doesn’t exist would be extremely valuable to you.

If you can’t tell by the posts on genealogy software, I have an interest in my ancestry. Eighteen-and-a-half decades ago there was a book published that I would love to get my hands on. It’s certainly not in print any more and the limited release it did have didn’t leave very many copies behind. I know where some are, but they are out of my reach at least for the moment. All I know about this book is that one of my ancestors was the editor, not even the writer, just the one who put it together. How much more precious of a resource would it be if it actually was about him and his life.

The twist on this post is that the person the book they are looking for is about someone who built that specific library, but also kills an entire nation. What is the story there? Would you let them find the book and if they did, what would they find in it? What kind of person did the things this person did and what else did they do?

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