Character Interviews with K. M. Weiland

One interesting post I found on character interviews is by K. M. Weiland. The post, called 100+ Questions to Help You Interview Your Character does not play the same way as most interviews. It is more like a questionnaire to fill out. While I do prefer interviews that are in an interview format, this is still useful as it covers a lot of things you might consider asking about your character.

The questions start about a third of the way down after an introduction which includes a link to a free copy of a book she wrote on these questions and fifty more. Especially given that the book is free, it’s probably worth your time to grab it up and add some more to it.

Just before the article starts on the actual interviews there is a graphic that divides some of them up into categories. These categories include: Background, Characteristics, Outlook, Interests & Favorites, Physical Appearance, and Expressions & Attitudes. Each of these has a few questions listed underneath it.

The actual interview is not exactly divided up this way, although there are some sections in it. Physical Appearance, Characteristics, Interests & Favorites, and Typical Expressions appear to be the only ones with multiple points under them.

The same interview with a few additional questions can be found in another post on her website. This post discusses how to use character interviews which is a good thing to consider. So what do you think? What kind of categories do you think should be in a character interview? Or do you think categories belong there at all? And if you already use character interviews, how do you find they work best?

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