Character Bank – The Worst In His Profession

Magicians are interesting. As a child I got a book on beginner magic and tried to learn some of the tricks of the trade. I didn’t go very far with that, but I did have a lot of fun with it and I still know how to do one of the tricks that involves turning over a dollar bill.

The magician in the prompt is considered laid-back, but considering he at least is a magician, he’s probably less laid back than I am about magic. And being laid-back doesn’t have to mean you are bad at your job and to be fair, this doesn’t actually say he is bad at his job, only that he is considered the worst in his profession.

Someone thinking you are bad at your job doesn’t mean you are and someone who doesn’t care if others think they are bad at their job might actually be way better than people think.

The question then becomes is he bad at his job, since we do need to define that and whether he is or isn’t, why do people think he is? Or maybe they don’t.

Technically it doesn’t say he’s bad at his job. It says he’s considered the worst in his profession. Yes, I am absolutely playing with words, but I do that. Wording matters. One of the most important things for magicians is keeping the tricks secret. If everyone knows how they do it, it loses some of the magic. Maybe this laid-back magician just has fun sharing his secrets with everyone. I think that would make him considered pretty bad in his profession.

So what do you think? Why do you think he is considered one of the worst in his profession?

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