Character Bank – From a Land of Ice and Snow

There isn’t a whole lot of info in this character bank, so let’s take a look at what we do know and then play around with some speculation.

We know he’s a rogue, though not how that is defined in this story world. As an amateur table top gamer, my first thought when I see the word rogue isn’t probably what this prompt means. It seems more likely that it means someone who is a rapscallion.

After looking that up, not quite what I meant, but it and rogue are synonyms, so I’m keeping it and the definition in Merriam-Webster does convey the general feeling of what I am going for, so I’ll include that:

a person who causes trouble.

It says he’s bloodthirsty, so it sounds like this is a man who has killed and has no problem with killing, again. In fact it seems likely that he seeks out the opportunity to do so.

The final bit of information we have about him is that he’s from a land of ice and snow. This could mean that his victims might get buried under frozen layers and not get found for a long time; Or it could just mean that this man wears a lot of layers most of the time. I would imagine he wears a lot of layers regardless, but it would be interesting if he uses his environment for his kills.

Since he is a rogue, we can at least assume he isn’t part of law enforcement. He could potentially be a vigilante or he could be an outlaw. It is possible that he’s not actually a killer, but is instead a brawler, beating people up, but not actually killing them. What do you think he does to potential victims?

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