Character Bank – Always Help Someone

The man in this character bank seems like a nice sort. He also seems a little reckless.

While it isn’t explicitly stated, it does seem to imply that he lives alone, but that doesn’t have to be the case. He might live with family and it’s just that his family is relevant to the parts of his description that are shared here.

We know he is fifty-two-years-old. While not exactly young, that’s also not extremely old, not these days any way. He is described as charming. This could mean a character who dates a lot or one who is married. He probably has a lot of friends both because of his being charming and because of his inclination to help people.

About that inclination to help people. It certainly sounds a bit on the reckless side. He doesn’t care about repercussions if he can help someone and some would definitely find that dangerous. His helping someone could potentially lead to him getting hurt or others getting hurt, depending on what exactly he is doing. It could be why he lives in a houseboat either because that was the best way to keep costs down or because it’s easier to just pack up and leave if the repercussions of his actions come a knocking. This might also be a reason to believe that despite being charming he isn’t married. Or perhaps he is divorced.

Another sad possibility is he was married and lost his wife which is why he tries to help people regardless of what happens to him. He doesn’t care what happens to him, because he wants to join her. What do you think is the reason why he doesn’t care about the repercussions of helping someone?

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