Character Bank – Alternate Dimension Traveler

The first question I have when reading this prompt is how big is this alternate dimension and is it easily accessible for the normal dimension. I don’t think it’s possible to tell for sure from the prompt, so I am going to speculate about what I would do with it if I decided to use this prompt.

One of my story worlds has multiple dimensions. Some of them are very small, barely big enough to hold a single person. Others are huge, large enough to hold entire countries, multiple of them. Some contain a single town.

What I am thinking here is that his home is the alternate dimension. Maybe he has an entry way or a tiny home as an entrance on a small lot of land and then you open it and inside is this TARDIS levels of bigger on the inside home. That’s what this prompt is making me think of.

If we were to go with my idea about his home being the way I mentioned above, I think his security is going to be a little different than most people’s. Maybe the alternate dimension only opens if he is there. Maybe he can move the alternate dimension at will if he wants to. Maybe there is a very limited home in the entry way for when he doesn’t want people to see the actual inside of his home. And I can definitely see the talking computer having some ability to control this as well.

Speaking of the talking computer and given that he is listed as both being a quiet man who lives with said talking computer, I’m thinking he doesn’t go out much. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, or maybe he doesn’t have any at all. Most of his talking is done connecting to this computer. Hard to say how he uses the computer. Probably the computer acts as a butler of sorts and also has smart house levels of control over various functions in his home.

I told you how I think the alternate dimension he is from is like and I likened it more to his home than his previous home which seems to be the actual implication in the character bank. What do you think the alternate dimension is like?

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