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There is a lot to look at when it comes to Nameberry. You can pick the type of data you want from a lot of choices. From the most popular names of last year to some rather unique names that are a lot less common, there is something for every parent looking for ideas on naming their children. The question becomes, what is the value to the authors in their audience? Let’s take a look at some things here.

Popular Names

As with most baby name sites, it has a popular names section. This one is different in a couple of ways. The first way is that it only has a list of the most popular names from last year which makes it less valuable for authors writing period pieces or just trying to name characters born before last year.

It also has a list of the names most searched on Nameberry, which again is more useful for parents trying to find popular names to either use or avoid for their children as it gives you an idea into the minds of parents this year. It’s probably not an exact indicator of trends since Emma, the most popular name for girls for the past several years as well as a name that has been in the top 3 since 2003 as well as in 4th place 2002 is listed 63 in searches on Nameberry. Liam, which has been number 1 for the last two years and in the top 3 since 2013, is listed 19th.

The part of this section I think is most useful to authors is the last part which has the most popular names in 14 countries other than the USA as well as lists of the most popular names for dogs and interestingly enough a prediction of what will be the most popular names in ten years.

Checking It Off the Lists

Something that is more useful to writers is the lists. For historical authors the Historic and Vintage Names list is probably the most useful. They list names from historical time frames along with why we know that name. There’s also some interesting place name lists that might be worth looking at as well.

Another interesting list is of Baby Name Meanings. These include related names that might be otherwise hard to collect together. Instead of having to figure out all the terms that are related, you can look at these lists and see all the work they’ve done for you.

The user lists section is valuable in that it includes several lists made by users of the site and gives you more insight into what these people are thinking of. There’s a lot more to this site including a random name generator, which we will discuss in more length at a different time. What do you find most interesting about this website and the tools it provides for naming?

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