Behind the Name’s Random Name Generator

To try out this next name generator, I checked the option to generate a life story and chose that he would be a male from Denmark. I hadn’t known exactly what to expect, but I love that it gave me an entire profile for this character.

He lived a good, long life.

This isn’t the only generator I have come across that creates an entire character, but it’s not as common as just creating a name for the character. I really like the detail put into this and was impressed that it even went as far as to identify him as right handed and that he has O negative for his blood type. It’s not information that I was expecting to be included in this type of thing and I really like what they did here. I don’t know that I’ll use Emanuel in a story anytime soon or even at all, but I definitely will use this generator, again, to create characters. This was a pleasant surprise and nice addition to my list of random name generators.

There are tons of random name generators out there. Each one brings its own unique prospective to the table. Sometimes that’s as simple as a different list of names to work from and sometimes it’s far more complex than that. Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by how robust a tool for writers is and wanted to share it with everyone who you thought might listen?

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