Behind the Name – The Most Popular Names

Behind the Name is a pretty impressive site with a lot going for it. You can browse names and look up name days or namesakes. It has a place for name themes and translations of names and you can even ask an expert for advise.

One thing I find interesting about it that most sites do not have is the connected sites for surnames and places. Both of these talk about the history of the names and have names from all over the world. There’s also the random name generator that I will talk about in my detail at a later date.

For now what I want to discuss is The Most Popular Names section. This is a really nice resource for someone writing characters from multiple countries or just with origins in different nations that they want to maintain. There are 37 countries represented in this list and while that doesn’t include all the countries, it does include a nice chunk. Some of them have only one year of data while others, have many years to look at.

This can help you figure out if a name you are considering was very well known in the country where that character was born during the time frame they were born in, which is nice. What would you do with name popularity data like this?

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