Babbling About Disney Names

Run by Disney, Babble has a name section that is worth taking a look at. Like every such list, it has it’s strong points. Of course, being a Disney site, they have a Disney themed name list if you want to use names of Disney characters for inspiration, so that’s definitely worth taking a look at for fans of Disney who want to use names related to the large collection of Disney movies and TV shows. While not even close to a complete list, the list of Disney names is a useful resource for those who have an interest.

There are a lot of articles on the site with name lists. Lists like 14 Baby Names Inspired by ‘Peter Pan’ and Uncommon Baby Names Inspired by Disney Movies will give you more names for the Disney name fan in you.

In addition to that, the site has the ability to search by origin and by theme. When searching by origin, it gives you a short list of their favorite names followed by a list of names. Each name has an icon indicating if the name is used for boys or girls, a definition, and link to more information on the name. The are 32 places of origin to pick between.

Seventeen themes, including word and animal, give you a variety of patterns you can use for naming your characters. Each list has names with gender generally associated with the name, place of origin, meaning, and a link to more.

My favorite list is the presidential one. It is just a list of names from US presidents, but it does include several names for girls since multiple of the presidents have had last names that are currently commonly used for girls such as Kennedy, Madison, and Reagan. What’s your favorite list on the site? And what kind of list would you add that they don’t have?

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