Azgaar Fantasy Map Generator

This one was a pretty interesting one. The Azgaar Fantasy Map Generator randomly creates a map and you have a lot of choices of what kind of map it displays. For fun I turned them all on in the map above. The same map only has labels and states turned on in the map below which is stark contrast, but give you a pretty good idea of the vast differences that can be made by just turning on or off different types of maps.

In the first map, you can’t read anything unless you look very carefully, because other things are more prominent. The second one is easy to read and shows where the boundaries of the different nation states are.

Since you can easily regenerate a new map, make sure to save if you find a map that you like. Other than screenshots, I’m not entirely sure how to do that, since the save did not work on the computer I’m on, but it’s possible that popups are being blocked thus creating this problem. What kind of map would you use for your fictional world?

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