Character Bank – Murdered Sister

As with some of my other prompts, I don’t have a specific inspiration for this. It was an attempt to create an angst prompt that didn’t really go the way I wanted it to. In addition it’s hard to say... Read more

Writing Prompt – Family Business Slaughter

This writing prompt is based off a story line I am planning for a series I am working on. One of the main characters works for his family’s business as a chef. One evening near close the restaurant is attacked... Read more

Character Bank – Street Smart vs. Book Smart

This month all of the prompts that come out will be ones I came up with to share with you. This first one is based off a pair of sisters in one of my stories. I made the prompt based... Read more

Writing Prompt – Human-Demon Twins

This prompt is based off some characters I created for some stories of mine. They are, in the grand theme of things, rather minor characters. The series they are in defines demons as basically being basically another race of beings... Read more

Character Bank – No Prophecy

I am dedicating this prompt to my youngest sibling. There are no prophecies in my family, but the youngest sibling often feels like there is no place for them and while I don’t think she thinks that way, I think... Read more

Character Bank – Oldest Sibling

With many of my writing prompts I try to keep them gender neutral, but with this one I wanted to put a male child in this role rather than leave it to either. You can of course change that and... Read more

Writing Prompt – We’re Brothers

This prompt is both very sweet and very sad. The main character is at least far enough apart in age to not suspect that his dad wasn’t his biological dad. It’s not stated if he was adopted at birth or... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – We’re Twins

This prompt from the Writer’s Encyclopedia makes me think of something the Weasley twins might have said to each other and I am not entirely sure this isn’t an exchange or similar to an exchange they had with each other.... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Don’t Fall

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, we have someone who is seemingly more concerned with getting yelled at than at the physical well being of another person. Now, we don’t actually know that’s the case and this kind of... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Twin Makes No Sense

In this prompt by The Fake Redhead, something is not right. Depending on which character you believe, what isn’t right could be very different. The relationship between the two characters is a little unclear, but it seems likely that they... Read more