Dialogue Prompt – Burger Than Backup

This dialogue prompt from The Fake Redhead made me do a double take. It’s definitely a lot less serious than some prompts are. On top of that it really tells you a lot. The person talking clearly has their priorities.... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Many Sisters

These days, at least in America, families are small. Even what I would consider a small family like mine with four children is looked on as big, which is kind of crazy to me, but it is what it is.... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Not Normal Again

Imagine finding out that your new friend was an assassin after two days and not only not being impressed or scared, but frustrated, because this sort of thing keeps happening. In today’s prompt of the day from Rooftop Writing Prompts,... Read more

Dialogue Prompt – Something Wrong

A new year, a new you. Or so some people say. What if the new you had something wrong with it that hadn’t been an issue before. What kind of problem do you think could be wrong with everyone? Is... Read more

A Year of Writer Prompts

Writing prompts are something that I find interesting. They are short and have the potential to bring all sorts of ideas either for full stories or for pieces of stories. A while back I decided to start collecting them and... Read more