Gods in Ancient Culture

In ancient times many cultures revolved around the worship of their gods. Fueled by the belief that the world they lived in had to come from somewhere, they created gods to explain what they did not understand. In some cases they physically created their gods out of wood or stone or various types of metals. Others set up their leaders as gods, worshiping them as far more than just mortal men. When others did not fall in to line or could not produce a god that could physically be seen it confused them and left them at a loss.

With gods dedicated to everything under the sun, life and death, fertility, love, even right up to a god or goddess of the sun, some their chief deity, they strove to keep these gods pleased with them, concerned that if they angered them it would go badly for them. Worship of their gods could include an offering such as a percentage of the fruits of their labor even their first born. In some cultures, for some gods, the act of prostitution was considered to be a form of worship, while in others human sacrifice was the currency they had to pay.

These ancient gods have not gone away. They have resurfaced in current culture in everything from TV shows, graphic novels, movies, and action figures. Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology is one of the Avengers and a hero of graphic novels in his own right. He shows up, again, in the TV show, Supernatural, along with a barrage of other mythological deities, many of them trying to kill the Winchester brothers. In the ‘90s, two shows centered around Greek and Roman mythology, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, gained a cult following.

Games and decks of cards also aid in the current cultures desire to know more about the mythology form the ancestors cultures or just a desire to find something bigger than themselves, just as many cultures did a long time, ago.

What prompts your interest in the gods of old and are you interested in a specific culture or just ancient mythology in general?

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